EndoVision Features

Clinical Features

Electronic Health Record (EHR)

EndoVision replaces paper charts with electronic records in the SOAP (subjective, objective, assessment and plan) format. You can see diagnosis and anesthesia views and the patient’s history all on one screen.

Automatic Medical/Dental Cross-Coding

Medical electronic health records (EHR) and dental digital records are both embedded in EndoVision. You can easily cross-code, using medical codes (including ICD-10) and dental codes as needed for billing, insurance claims and record-keeping.

Vital Sign Monitoring

EndoVision integrates with all major vital-signs monitors so you can have an instant record of your patients’ vitals—including CO2 readings—streamed directly into your patient records. You can also merge vital signs data into narratives, letters and case notes.

Open Integration Architecture

EndoVision has an open and flexible architecture that integrates with major digital radiography systems, vital-signs monitors, microscopes and iCAT systems. You can choose the clinical technology that works best for you.

Treatment Planning Tools

EndoVision helps you motivate case acceptance with treatment planning tools. You can create comprehensive treatment plans and post them directly to the patient file to be viewed at any time and presented to the patient.

Endodontic Charting

The SOAP-formatted, data-driven charting in EndoVision gives you the microscopic details needed to provide the best patient care. You can chart pain assessment, the number of canals and the properties of each canal. Also, you can customize the templates to fit your practice workflow.

Digital Images in Patient Records

EndoVision stores patient records, including digital images, in a central database. This allows your practice to grow to multiple doctors and locations while only maintaining one set of records. All records and images are available at any location.

Legally Binding Narratives

Narratives can be digitally signed and password-protected in EndoVision, to help ensure the security of your clinical records. Customizable templates help you create legally binding narratives for referrals, claims and audits.

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