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Designed with input from AAE members and industry-leading clinical and business experts, EndoVision delivers clinical tools to help you provide excellent endodontic care. EndoVision features a SOAP-formatted electronic health record (EHR) specific to endodontics, including root properties. Plus, EndoVision meets the individual needs of your office by integrating the digital imaging equipment, microscopes and vital sign monitors into the embedded EHR. A software advisory committee of experienced EndoVision users and AAE members guides the development of future updates, keeping your practice on the clinical forefront.

Get Complete Patient Information

In EndoVision, all patient information is at your fingertips—medical/dental, vitals, history and more. You can easily retrieve allergy or medical alerts, clinical notes and patient photos from the embedded EHR. You can store patient communications directly in the EHR for future reference. EndoVision also provides automatic medical/dental cross-coding. Choose from a list of medical (CPT) and dental (CDT) codes, or add or delete codes (such as ICD-10) as needed.

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Improve Case Acceptance

EndoVision helps you improve case acceptance with treatment planning tools. You can create comprehensive treatment plans and post them directly to the patient file to be viewed at any time and presented to the patient. Link treatment plans to one or multiple procedures, then link the procedures to appointments and track treatment plans through completion.

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Integrate 3D Images, Vitals and More

EndoVision lets you import three-dimensional views of all oral and maxillofacial structures into the EHR, giving you more complete information about the patient’s mouth, face and jaw. Diagnosis views, vital signs, anesthesia records and patient history are all available on one screen, leading to more precise treatment planning and predictable outcomes.

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Reduce Errors and Save Time Creating Narratives

EndoVision helps you create accurate narratives quickly with user-defined templates. You can seamlessly merge data from the patient’s EHR into a narrative and protect it with doctor sign-off passwords.

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EndoVision and our network of partners provide integrated solutions that automate time-consuming tasks and address the specific challenges of running a profitable endodontic practice.