EndoVision is a unique solution for unique practices. Built specifically for endodontists in 2002, it includes the exact tools and detailed reporting you need to provide excellent care and to increase your profits. The EndoVision Taskforce continuously improves the software, based on user feedback and input from AAE members. The comprehensive patient records, customizable charting and flexible platform allow you to practice your way—flawlessly.

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What EndoVision Can Do for You

EndoVision can help you achieve totally paperless operations. Its flexible architecture lets you add the hardware and software you prefer. Its security and fraud prevention tools to help to keep your data safe. Its comprehensive reports help you track and improve referrals, production, collections and more.

Paperless Integration and Cross-Coding

EndoVision allows your practice to go paperless. Medical electronic health records (EHR) and dental digital records are both embedded in one system. You can interface with hospitals and dental offices equally well—without maintaining additional paper charts. You can easily cross-code, using medical codes and dental codes as needed for billing, insurance claims and record-keeping.

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Choice, Flexibility and Integration

EndoVision is flexible and customizable, so you can make the technology fit your practice. Unlike other practice management systems, EndoVision doesn’t limit your choices of equipment, computer hardware or software integrations. You have the freedom to choose the technology that works best for you.

Healthcare technology partners offer complementary solutions to extend the functionality of EndoVision in your practice. You can choose to integrate software, web applications and other products developed specifically for endodontists.

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Multispecialty Clinical Tools on One Database

The centralized database in EndoVision allows practices to grow to multiple locations and multiple specialties, with multiple providers. Oral surgeons, endodontists and periodontists can use their unique clinical tools such as charts and forms, while the office manager can use the central database for scheduling, billing, reporting and more.

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Solutions for Your Endo Practice

EndoVision and our network of partners provide integrated solutions that automate time-consuming tasks and address the specific challenges of running a profitable endodontic practice.