In-Office Training

Make sure your staff is using the software most efficiently so you get the most from your investment. Our certified EndoVision trainers have a wealth of in-office experience to train you and your team from the very basics of your software to a thorough deep dive of the many features available to you.

Are they aware of all the new features that have been added since their initial training? Are there features that you or your team has forgotten since your initial EndoVision training? Want to go paperless? With years of experience, our certified EndoVision trainers can assist with a painless paperless transition and keep you on the cutting edge without sacrificing valuable chair time doing things "the long way around."

From the most efficient ways of managing your patient database and getting the maximum out of your continuing care system, to case presentation, insurance management and collections, our certified EndoVision trainers have the expertise to help. There are two options for in-office training available.

  • Online Training:

    Get customized one-on-one training via web-sharing tools and a phone call. You can request specific training topics for your practice, as well as help with inefficiencies or challenges your practice is having with the software.
  • In-Office, On-site Training:

    Train your entire team at one time in your own office setting. Our trainers can customize a training plan to focus on specific areas or job descriptions to train a new team member, or explore more advanced features within their job description—all while the rest of the team focuses on rendering patient care during a normal working day.

To sign up, call 800.323.3370 - Option 3